NEWS- An interesting start to 2017

The last few weeks has seen me stepping back into the breach in the true sense of the word. This brief foray into the catacombs of the Sir Harry Gibbs building was partly altruistic (as I find ICL briefs intrinsically rewarding), partly “product placement” (that sounds tacky) and partly to keep my forensic skills honed. 

Whilst standing at the end of a very long queue to check in with the associate I started a conversation with one experienced practitioner about arbitrations. By the time I had reached the front of the queue, two other practitioners had joined the conversation and we adjourned to a nearby room to discuss setting up two arbitrations of proceedings in that list that very day.  One of the matters had a consent order that day made pursuant to section 13E. 

One week later, with the assistance of two experienced family law solicitors, the parties and myself signed an arbitration agreement. Over the course of 6 weeks they will lodge further affidavit material, exchange some valuations and some written submissions. I will determine the matter “on the papers” and deliver the award on or before 5 April 2017 with a view to the parties handing up consent orders reflecting that award on 7 April 2017 – the next return date !

As one of the solicitors said “Why would you do it any other way ?”. 

I agree. 

Article by Bruce Thiele 

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