Two Types of Arbitrations – The Difference is Important

Family law financial arbitrations are gathering momentum in Queensland. Whilst relatively simple, there are some subtle nuances to be aware of when designing your arbitration process.

From the very start, it is important to know there are two types of arbitration, a s13E arbitration or a private arbitration (section 10L(2)(b)).

Section 10L(2) 

Arbitration may be either:

Just Listen

The first mediation back for 2017 had me confused. It was booked in the usual way, however one party was a son acting under enduring power of attorney for his father. The other party was the de facto partner (of the father).

Objection to a Family Law Financial Award

Objection to a Family Law Financial Award

FLPA Presentation in Townsville

On Saturday 19 November, I was privileged to be a presenter at FLPA in the Tropics, Townsville with several other colleagues and respected judges. This was a repeat of the FLPA presentation in Cairns earlier in the year.

Federal Circuit Court of Australia Annual Report 2015-16

Per the Chief Judge;

“The Court’s workload has steadily increased and the timely replacement of retiring judges is critical to the Court’s ability to deal with its workload. Additional judges are also needed to cope with increased jurisdiction, greater volume, and increasing length of trials.”

Some data of interest in the family law jurisdiction;

Family law

National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book

On 18 August 2016 the Attorney-General released a new online resource for judicial officers dealing with domestic and family violence cases. The first stage of the National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book is available on the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration’s website at: