Being Candid With the Court

Our interactions with the Court are solemn in nature. In my experience, there is no more serious application that a legal representative can make than one seeking the removal of a Judge from hearing a matter on the grounds of actual or apprehended bias.

In my view, such an application ought to be approached with the uptmost professionalism and respect for the Court. Flippancy should be avoided. Winging it, or just plain making it up on the fly should be admonished as a recent Full Court decision in Kamano & Kamano [2015] FamCAFC 111 demonstrates.

Interim ADR for Family Law

As well as offering mediation services to assist resolve disputes, often overlooked is our ability, as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, to assist parties on an interim basis.

Ten Tips for a Successful Family Law Mediation – or How to Get More Bang for your Mediation Buck


The prevalence of mediations in family law matters has increased in the last five years due to many factors. The status of a mediation in a family law matter has risen to the status of a prescribed pre-action procedure. A matter being listed for hearing without a mediation having taken place is the exception.

New Chambers Website Launched

ADR Queensland has launched it's new chambers website. The main feature of the website is that you can see an individual barrister's profile and check their availability using the public calendar. We're hoping that this makes scheduling a whole lot easier.